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settala gas


Pure and medical grade hydrocarbons

Thanks to filtration and distillation systems of the most developed kind and more than 40 years of experience in the production of pure hydrocarbons, we are able to develop the product according to your needs, with the purity you request and the packaging you prefer.

settala gas

The element that makes our company unique is that we are the producers of our products and not simply traders: we are able to develop the product according to your needs with your requested purity and in the packaging you prefer.

The range of pure hydrocarbon gases available in purities from 99.5% t 99.9999%.


  • Specialty gases: production of precision blends with high quality standards for the calibration of laboratory instruments, pilot plants, control of production processes and environmental analyses.
  • Fine chemicals: pure gases for various applications in the industrial and scientific fields
  • Pharmaceuticals: chemical intermediates, pharma propellants and research
  • Electronics: semiconductors and DRAM memory modules production

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